The Art of Songwriting


At this point we have a song idea started in our DAW. I am now going to show you how to take this idea and start to begin making a song out of it. By the end of this process we will have what has traditionally been called a demo song.

This is an important step in the overall process because a demo song is a version of the song that can be practiced, shared and refined until ready to take it into production.

We are going to focus in on a typical band comprised of guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboards and other sounds as needed.

We are going to start with the guitar part that we captured and added to Logic. We now need to work on finishing the song structure and lyrics.

Using our experience of figuring out different song structures from the earlier section “Finding Your Inspiration” we are going to use a simple song structure to start and change it as needed.

Song Writing (using your DAW) – Based on captured ideas

get session prepped in DAW (technical)

tracks, I/O devices, instruments and mics setup (technical)

record takes, all instruments, write lyrics (staying in creative mode)

Song Structure

  • Intro
  • Verse1
  • Chorus1
  • Transition
  • Verse2
  • Chorus2
  • Outro

Writing Lyrics

In Logic Pro open the Notes section and write in the lyrics.

Writing Tablature Notation

In the Notes section above the lyrics add in the chord changes in Tablature notation or even just writing down the chord changes. Write in notes about tempo changes, feel, loudness as needed. Basically any notes to remember how to play the song as you intend as you practice and record.




Strumming Patterns

Pick or No Pick

Bass Guitar



Bass Lines

Pick or No Pick


Drum Components

This is in order to learn the components that make up an actual drum kit. As a drummer I feel some of the important basics are lost when people only try to create electronic drum parts. If in the end you make electronic drum parts, that is cool, but it will make you better to understand the real drum kit.

Basic Beat

Changing Rhythms For Different Song Sections

Drum Fills


Moog Synthesizer

Midi Keyboard

Pencil In Keys

Keyboard Parts (Creative)

Other Sounds and Instrumentation

“Add as little as is needed”


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