Navigating The Music Production Process


Now you should have a song written for all instruments or taken as far as you songwriting capability can take you and you are ready to produce your own song.

This is different from songwriting because now we are going to make a series of choices to finalize the song. We are going to record final takes, finalize song structure and finish the song to a place where it is ready for the next step which is Mixing.

So we approach this as the step where we take our song and perform the parts as best as we can. Since we have the song completely written and have been practicing we are ready to hit this out of the park!

Now that you have your recordings captured in your DAW it is now time to create the final song structure (technical)

Adjust effects, try out different sound layers, some automation, take creative notes (creative)

final recordings (creative)

(So in my process, Music Production is staying in creative mode as musch as possible, while Mixing is staying in technical mode as much as possibnle). The question or comment is but I like to be creative while mixing or be technical during song-writing and I will just say, this is where I feel people go wrong. Try to make these two steps separated into technical and creative. Keep these walls high and stay in creative mode during Music Production and stay in technical mode during Mixing and Mastering. If you are feeling overly creative during mixing, maybe you need to offically go back to music production mode. If you are feeling technical during music production you are off the path, get back into creative mode. Same applies in all the steps of the SoundCapture Process.

PreProduction (Technical)

  • Open a fresh Logic Pro project from your template or use the project you used during the songwriting phase.
  • Make sure the project has all the instrument tracks that are needed
  • Make sure tempo is set correctly

Production (Creative)

All of your technical practice and prep work should now payoff because this is where you want to stay in Creative mode and capture the best performances and emotions that you are going for, that serve the song.

Record basic tracks, guitar, vocals, drums, bass, redo vocals, double vocals, add in keyboards, add in other instrumentation as needed.

Post Production – Mixing Prep (Technical)


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